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A four-part mini-series showcasing Nicosia, capital of Cyprus, in association with the Nicosia Tourism Board and Culturescope. Nicosia is home to many beautiful landmarks that embody the island’s fascinating history. From ancient monuments and impressive galleries to an intriguing mix of vibrant and diverse social life, this is urban sophistication at its best, a mix of old and new, in Cyprus’ brightest cosmopolitan city. The brightest capital of Europe.


The Pafos Regional Board of Tourism's official video promoting Pafos, Cyprus as a year-round holiday destination for locals and visitors. Unleash your senses and immerse yourself in a symphony of majestic locations, historical masterpieces, diversity, and adventure. Pafos is a natural wonder. A recipe for the soul. A universal experience.


14 March 1957. The island of Cyprus is under British colonial rule. Evagoras Pallikarides, at the age of 19, is sentenced to death by hanging. As he proudly heads toward the gallows, he softly sings, “I’ll take an uphill road. I’ll take the paths to find the stairs that lead to freedom.” His final wish was to be the last person to be executed by hanging. His conviction and execution caused an international uproar and condemnation of the British colonial powers. This led to the quashing of the death sentences of another 26 men who had been sentenced to be hanged.




Cyprus and India have traditionally enjoyed excellent relations. These are premised on deep friendship, mutual respect and close cooperation, particularly in the context of international organisations. Over the decades, the relationship has grown stronger, including in the economic and trade arena, while prospects of furthering bilateral ties are more than promising in the years to come.


This short documentary, which was produced with the support of the Nicosia Tourism Board, Santa Irene Winery, and Ierambelos Fusion Cuisine, was filmed during Orthodox Holy Week and features the Machairochoria, a group of charming villages in the Nicosia countryside that uphold and respect timeless traditions.


Tasoula Hadjitofi, “The Icon Hunter,” is renowned worldwide for her work combatting art trafficking. She claims that each of us need to contribute to the preservation of our own cultural and historical legacy; The Walk of Truth is the natural, logical extension of her life’s work.


Eleni C’s first, all-Greek music single, Mono Esi (Only You), fuses warm Latin reggaeton undertones and island bounce with addictive lyrics – the calling card of her dynamic pop sound. Filmed on location in Limassol, Cyprus, Eleni C pays homage to her ancestral roots through her song, which epitomises the allure of Greek women, the power, and fire that resides in their psyche.


Culturescope is a Cypriot lifestyle and entertainment web show, featured on multiple television networks and online media platforms reaching the Hellenic Diaspora across the globe. Hosted by Paul Lambis, the show places great emphasis on a quality lifestyle that is in keeping with international trends in décor, travel, fashion, glamour, sport, film, theatre, music, art, talent, gastronomy, and a myriad of modern conveniences and luxuries.


Evagoras Pallikarides was the author of numerous poetry collections associated with the struggle for freedom. However, this celebrated figure also had a way of bringing romantic verses to life through countless letters, written to his high school sweetheart, Lya Hadjiadamou. For Lya, Evagoras’ memory lives on, and their relationship plays out like a tragic love story in her mind.


74 centres on the lives of four women, and the gross injustices perpetrated against them, following the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Paul Lambis’ war drama is a story of love, loss, life and death, seen through the eyes of these symbolic women, united by one constant that anchors their stories and ties them all together: their hope for their island’s re-unification.




Paul Lambis' biopic brings to life Melina Mercouri's dynamic, larger-than-life persona, whose international acting achievements on stage and screen, as well as her zealous commitment to Greek art and politics, established her as Greece's most celebrated national heroine. Poignant, passionate, seductive and controversial, the film depicts a remarkable life of a political activist who sought to symbolise the soul of Greek national identity.


It is London’s society wedding of the year and ‘almost’ everyone is invited. Paul Lambis' witty romantic comedy centres on the various dramas that accompany intercultural weddings, loud families, societal expectations, generational differences, and unfortunate oversights and misunderstandings as the management and staff of one of London's most iconic hotels attempt to save the day, including their own reputation.


Twisted Nursery Rhymes is a hilarious, modern-take on old nursery rhymes that follows the lives of four dysfunctional couples living in an old New York apartment building. As the residents try to get along, they quickly realise that they must work together to keep their common dark secret hidden. That is, if they can prevent their nosy neighbour from across the street from spilling the beans.


An uplifting short film that tells the individual stories of three people who have experienced trauma. Although their traumatic experiences differ, their emotional cries bring them together as they attempt to break their silence.

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