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P.L. SILVER THESPIAN LTD., founded by Paul Lambis, is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting cultural activities in Cyprus and abroad, as well as managing and organising the Cyprus Diaspora Forum™, CYDIA Awards™, and other events involving Cypriots of the diaspora.

The organisation is also centred on business-related work and events for the improvement and expansion of Cypriot entrepreneurship, attracting foreign direct investment to Cyprus, and fostering stronger connections between the local community of Cyprus, Cypriots of the diaspora, and friends of Cyprus.



PAUL LAMBIS is an award-winning screenwriter, author, playwright and director, born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Educated at the Johannesburg Art Foundation, he is based in Cyprus and is the Founder and CEO of Silver Thespian, an independent theatre and film production holding company.

As an established and award-winning playwright in Cyprus, Lambis has written, produced and directed theatrical productions such as 74 and Melina: The Last Greek Goddess to widespread critical acclaim. 

In 2016, Lambis received the “Best International Screenplay” award from the Screenwriter’s Guild of Greece for his full-length feature 74 – based on his original theatrical production of the same title. In 2018, his theatrical production Melina: The Last Greek Goddess received first prize at the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York and was awarded the “Best International Show” on Broadway.  In 2019, his multiple award-winning screenplay 74 received first place for "Best Screenplay" at the 14th International Cyprus Film Festival. The screenplay is currently in development and planned to be filmed on location in Cyprus.

Paul Lambis is also the showrunner and host of Culturescope - a lifestyle and entertainment web show, featured on multiple television networks and online platforms reaching the Hellenic Diaspora across the globe.

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